High Class! Jordyn Craig Turns The First Baby Thompson Into An Equestrian

Tristan Thompson's baby mama and ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig leaves The Ivy with friends in West Hollywood. She was pregnant when he started dating Khloe Kardashian and their babies will actually be half siblings.

Pictured: Jordan Craig
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High Class! Jordyn Craig Turns The First Baby Thompson Into An Equestrian

A peek into the fabulous life of Tristan Thompson's ex.

Published 4 days ago

Ever since influencer and blogger Jordyn Craig was dropped by serial cheater Tristan Thompson for Khloe Kardashian, she’s been showing us what living your best life truly means.

ICYMI: Jordy C was pregnant with Tristan’s first child, Prince, when he started shacking up with Khloe. Ever since then, Tristan rarely spoke about, acknowledged or even posted photos of his son (except a recent one that also featured Baby True that Jordy wasn’t too happy about). Jordy apparently even had some words of advice for Khloe after TT was caught cheating on a pregnant Khloe Kardashian multiple times.

Despite all this, Jordy is seriously kicking butt at being a single mom and looking amazing while doing it. Unlike the Kardashian clan, Jordy doesn’t share many pictures of her 1-year-old son. She does, however, gives us glimpses into the glamorous life she leads as a lifestyle blogger and fashion designer!

Check out these pics of the life of Tristan Thompson’s ex, Jordy C:


  1. Mommy And Me Riding Day
  2. Baby Bump Slay
  3. New Year's Snapback
  4. Clueless Vibes
  5. Poolside In Greece

    I need you out in Greece relaxinnnnn' 🎶

    A post shared by 🏆ℐℴ ℛđƴ.ℭ🏆 (@alleyesonjordyc) on

  6. Mommy Duty
  7. Sheer In Santorini

    "Gwannn big up ya self J!" 😬😜🤗

    A post shared by 🏆ℐℴ ℛđƴ.ℭ🏆 (@alleyesonjordyc) on

  8. A Prince And His Queen
  9. Jetsetter

    Tout à l'heure!❣️

    A post shared by 🏆ℐℴ ℛđƴ.ℭ🏆 (@alleyesonjordyc) on

  10. Prince In Paradise


    A post shared by 🏆ℐℴ ℛđƴ.ℭ🏆 (@alleyesonjordyc) on

  11. Jordy With A View
  12. Furry (Vegan) Friend

    Happy Sunday! 💋*Kiss-Kiss*💋 Vegan Coat: @WhatJordyWore

    A post shared by 🏆ℐℴ ℛđƴ.ℭ🏆 (@alleyesonjordyc) on

  13. A Castle Fit For A Prince
  14. Little Mermaid Vibes
  15. Bali Babe

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