Gender Reveal Party Goes Up In Flames And Starts A Wildfire

Fire in Mediterranean region.

Gender Reveal Party Goes Up In Flames And Starts A Wildfire

The fire spread over 45,000 acres!

Published October 1, 2018

You might want to think twice before you plan to shoot anything at your gender reveal party. 

In April 2017 when Arizona Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey aimed his gun at a target filled with colored powder, he had no idea he’d cause a wildfire.

While trying to reveal the gender of their child, the off-duty officer accidentally caused a wildfire by shooting a target with a "high-velocity firearm."

Due to the dry conditions in Arizona, the fire spread rapidly. 

Apparently, the target contained an explosive substance known as Tannerite. The substance is designed to detonate when shot by a high-velocity firearm. 

The fire spread over 45,000-acres and needed nearly 800 firefighters to get the fire under control, however that process took nearly a week. 

As most of us know, when the explosive target was shot it was supposed to release a colored powder, which lets you know the gender of the unborn baby, blue for a boy or pink for a girl. The gender was unknown at the time.

“Dickey immediately reported the fire to law enforcement, cooperated, and admitted that he started the fire,” Robinson wrote in the affidavit.

He was charged with a federal misdemeanor of starting a fire without a permit. He has since pleaded guilty. This extreme mistake will cost Dickey a hefty $220,000, which will be paid in installments. During his October 9 sentencing, he will have to pay an up-front restitution fine of $100,000.

He’ll then be fixed to pay another $120,000 in monthly installments of $500 over the course of the next two decades. A remorseful Dickey is also set to be sentenced to five years of probation.

Written by BET Staff

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