Real Men Share How They Majorly F'd Up And Then Groveled For Forgiveness Like Offset's Public Plea To Cardi B

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 15: Singer Cardi B is presented a 'Take Me Back' card onstage by Offset during day 2 of the Rolling Loud Festival at Banc of California Stadium on December 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Real Men Share How They Majorly F'd Up And Then Groveled For Forgiveness Like Offset's Public Plea To Cardi B

Offset could use some pointers.

Published December 17, 2018

The Cardi B and Offset breakup reached a new level of publicity this weekend, and the internet reached a new level of petty when the Migos rapper popped up, uninvited on the Rolling Loud stage during his estranged wife’s set to apologize. He presented her with “Take Me Back Cardi” flowers and a simple plea, “I just want to tell you sorry, bruh…in front of the world.” But from the looks of Cardi’s reaction it’s not that easy, bruh.


It doesn’t seem like the Invasion of Privacy rapper will be forgetting and forgiving anytime soon, but while the internet weighed in about Offset’s on set apology, so did he.

And while we all really want to know is what Cardi B will do. Until then, we can re-imagine all the grand gestures Offset could have pulled to get back in her good graces sooner, rather than later.

We asked these real mean to share their best stories about groveling for forgiveness after they royally messed up, and if it worked:


  1. “I flew to see her three times from NY to Texas”

    "I was dating this girl for about ten months long distance. She would come and visit me, and I would go see her. It was cool and better than any relationship I had been in with someone who stayed local. We were very open for the most part about when we met someone. But we agreed to keep sex exclusive like after month three.

    One time she came to see me, and we did our regular thing. Dinner, drinks, and hanging out. We went by this party during Fashion Week, and I ran into one PR lady I met whiles my girl was away. I was open with the main girl about the PR woman exchanging numbers and me weeks before. That night I got TRASHED. Like drunk as hell. According to her, because I am I still not sure what happened, I gave her my phone to call an UBER. We got in the UBER, and while I was passed out in the car, she went to through my phone and saw the messages between the girl she just met and I. It was everything from unsolicited dick pics to me sending her flowers and sh*t to her job.

    TBH, I wasn’t trying hard to get with the other girl. I just liked the attention. She read every nasty and good morning text in that thread. She dropped me off drunk and went and stayed at her line sister’s house. She didn’t talk to me for about four months. I flew to see her three times from NY to Texas, each time she didn’t want to see me. Finally, I wrote her a long emailing expressing my feelings, and she came around. We didn’t get back together, but we're friends. Hopefully, she reads this and sees that I publicly admitted my F-up!" -Terrance, 31, Harlem    


  2. “Tried to talk to her about it”

    “I was dating this twin, and I slept with the other twin.  Like twice. She found out because the girl told her cousin who told her twin sister. Man, I went to their mother and tried to talk to her about it because I was cool with their mom, but moms cursed me out! I get it. No, it didn’t work. But I brought flowers and stuff to the house. Don’t date a twin! No, she didn’t get mad at her sister. Maybe they set me up.” - JT, 24, D.C.


  3. “Called her mother a ‘stupid fat b***h”

    “I got into a fight with my wife’s mother and called her mother a ‘stupid fat b***h!’ I guess for me it was crying in front of her to get her to forgive me. She got over it.” - Alvin, 28, Brooklyn

  4. "I met a girl online who worked with the girl I was dating”

    “I cheated. I met a girl online who worked with the girl I was dating. She told my girl who is now my ex, and they played with me for days until it was time to meet up. My ex snapped on me. I  brought her flowers to work on my lunch hour for like five days. She didn’t forgive me and said that showing up her at job embarrassed her more. This is not funny, but I did try the mental health angle. Diagnosed myself with clinical commitment issues. Fail!” - Dennis, 26, Bronx

  5. “I wrote out what I did to her on IG”

    “True story. I met this girl at a homecoming party at FAMU. I didn’t go to FAMU, but my brother did. I told her I lived this dope life in Atlanta and made up this social life in college just cause I thought she would like it. She found out I lied about being a member of Alpha Phi Alpha from some dude on IG who was trying to snatch her up. To get her forgiveness and show her that I don’t care what people think, I wrote out what I did to her on IG and apologized. Nah, she didn’t forgive me. She actually screenshotted it and then reposted it to clown me.” - Dre, 33, Miami


  6. “I had to propose to her”

    "I cheated. [And then then for forgivness] I had to propose to her. Point blank! I was in an open relationship, but I use to break the rules. My girl and I agreed we would only bring a girl in when we were both together. That was OK at first, but then I started hooking up with the girls on my own. It got sloppy. We still married and that open relationship deal is off the table." - Kendall, 38, Harlem 

  7. “Lied and told her my cousin died”

    “It wasn’t anything crazy. I lied to her once about a guy’s trip to Miami. I lied and told her my cousin died. Because I didn’t want to hear her complain about me going. She found out. I f'd-up because my boy was posting everything on Snapchat. She's still mad right now.

    I wanted her to see I was sorry and she kept pushing me off. I would write ‘I am sorry for lying’ on everything she posted on IG. Begging her to respond. She forgave me only to break up with me months later. She said it was trust issues. I was like, ‘Wow. Bet! Dead ass!'” - David, 28, Dallas


  8. “She went nuts”

    “It happened one night, randomly chilling. Just having a general conversation. She wanted to play this game I guess of 'tell me something I do that you do like so I can get pissed at you.' I went along because I thought we were being open, definitely right after she hurt my ego with her response.

    We'd been getting to know each for a couple of weeks by then. I told her she could be a little inconsiderate and selfish at times. Well, she went nuts!  I apologized and that I just made it up to be petty. She forgave me. Well like two days later I told I wasn’t lying. We cool. I think she knew I wasn’t lying the first time too.” - Marlo, 24, Los Angeles


  9. “Sent her sister and husband to Paris”

    "I got drunk at her sister’s wedding and got into it with a couple of guests. It was embarrassing to her, her sister, and me. She was pissed. We didn’t break up or anything. But her, and her sister was still pretty salty towards me about the situation. I stacked up some cash and sent her sister and husband to Paris. They wanted to go before they got married, but couldn't do it. I was forgiven I must say.” - Stephan, 33, North Hollywood

Written by BET Staff

(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)


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