Is The iPhone XR The Best iPhone Ever?

Is The iPhone XR The Best iPhone Ever?

Your selfie game is about to be turnt up a notch!

Published October 26, 2018

Yes, it’s that time of year again where Apple surprises us with a new iPhone and we have to quickly gather our coins. If you didn’t have time to grab the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X last year (or even if you did), Apple’s latest release will have your holiday wish list in shambles. 

Apple always wows us with their grand press release presentations and just last month they announced their latest addition to the iPhone X family, the iPhone XR. The starting price of the iPhone XR is $749 but don’t stress, depending on carrier the iPhone can be broken down into affordable payments. Not to mention, the cameras on the iphone get better and better every year and the new iPhone XR delivers a faster autofocus and a better low-light performance on both photos and videos. Also, the camera will include a Smart HDR that brings more highlight and shadow detail to your photos and selfies, aka the lighting will be popping 24/7! 

Besides the camera that is always ready for selfies here are some reasons below to splurge on the Iphone XR this holiday season. 

  1. Six New Colors

    The Iphone XR comes in 6 diffrent colors including Black, White, Coral, Red, Blue, and Yellow. 

  2. Water Resistant

    Apprently, the new phone is splash resistant and can hold up against everday spills like coffee, tea, and soda. 

  3. Better Stereo Sound

    The Iphone XR delivers a wider stereo sound perfect for movies and music. 

  4. Introducing Memoji's

    An emoji with a twist! This new memoji is custom to your face and is a fun and easy way to communicate. 

  5. Dual Sim

    You can now have two numbers on the Iphone XR, don't get TOO caught up! 

Written by Nandi Howard

(Photo: Courtesy of Apple)


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