Culturally Clueless! Huffpost Calls Out Curving As 'The Latest Trend'

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Culturally Clueless! Huffpost Calls Out Curving As 'The Latest Trend'

We've BEEN curving.

Published November 16, 2018

"Curving" is nothing new... to us. But to the folks at Huffpost, it's "the latest trend," according to a new article on their site. Yes, they are trying to make curving a thing in 2018. This didn't sit well with Black Twitter, which blamed white people for trying to claim the term as new, when it's most certainly not.


To be clear, Urban Dictionary's definition of curving is as follows:

to (deliberately) counter, or otherwise reject, an individual's direct or (more often than not) indirect sexual advances (especially when said individual assumes they will get sex or is attempting to lure/seduce you); to deny/reject an individual's expression of interest.

Huffpost compared curving to another popular dating trend, "ghosting," but the art of the curve was around long before people started ghosting each other. Is this an example of white folk gentrifying our slang? Black Twitter seems to think so.


We just want to let our fairer-skinned friends know that #ThisIsNotATrend, so please stop. Raise your hand if you've been curving folks since grade school! *raises hand*


Written by BET Staff

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