The Internet Has Seriously Divided Reactions Over This 'Breastfeeding' Dad

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The Internet Has Seriously Divided Reactions Over This 'Breastfeeding' Dad

Even an expert weighed in on the viral video.

Published September 17, 2018

Social media is having a serious debate. 

Earlier this month, a dad posted a video on Twitter of his "confused" daughter attempting to nurse from him simply captioning the video, "Baby girl was OBVIOUSLY confused 😭😭😭😂.”

See the 8-second clip below.

Quickly the video went viral with many sharing their opinion.

Some were quick to criticize:
Others were supportive:

After receiving both backlash and support, the father, Chris Brown, spoke with Good Morning America about the moment he shared with his 4-month-old daughter.

“I was just sharing a moment of bonding between my daughter and I. Babies, like we all know, do baby things,” he shared during the interview.

Looking to set the record straight, he added, “So even though I didn’t know that babies find the nipple for comfort, I did think the video was incredibly funny and I wanted to share that laugh with my followers and friends on my social media.”

He then went on to share he will not respond to criticism “because everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but maybe those opinions just lack the proper information and knowledge behind them.”

GMA spoke to pediatrician and ABC News consultant Edith Bracho-Sanchez, and, according to the professional, he didn’t do anything wrong.

“Whether that’s mom’s breast or a pacifier or, in this case, dad’s chest, sucking is just comforting,” she explained. “Should dads go out of their way to start doing this? That’s up to every dad of course. Some dads are going to leave this up to Mom and comfort with a pacifier or a bottle, and that’s OK.”

She continued, “Moms use comfort nursing to calm babies down and to bond with their babies all the time.”

Written by BET Staff

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