Black Twitter Goes Off On White Twerk Instructor Who Called Out Cardi B In ‘Twerk’ Video

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Black Twitter Goes Off On White Twerk Instructor Who Called Out Cardi B In ‘Twerk’ Video

Oh honey, no, what were you thinking?

Published January 18, 2019

While most folks have been praising Cardi B and City Girls (YoungMiami and JT) for showcasing so much Black beauty and for their supreme twerk skills in the highly anticipated music video to “TwerK,” which dropped on Wednesday (Jan. 17), there was one voice that went against the grain. That voice belongs to Lexy Panterra, a white twerk instructor based out of LA who tweeted, “One question…where are the white girls in the video @ IAmCardiB twerk video at?”

Yes, she said that. And yes, Black Twitter dragged TF out of her for that. But more on that in a bit…

Lexy isn’t just any old twerk instructor. She boasts 2.5 million Instagram followers and even stars on her own episode of Netflix’s Instafamous for the twerk empire she’s built teaching regular folk and celebs alike the art of the twerk. Now, back to her complaining about the music video’s alleged lack of white girls.

She quickly deleted her tweet after it started to circulate and then rephrased her question, substituting “white girls” with “other ethnicities.” She then deleted that comment too. See below what she tweeted later to address the backlash.

Uh, can you say “too little, too late”? The damage was done, and Black Twitter had no remorse for her. If you know the wrath Black Twitter can unleash once provoked, then you know the comments were epic.

See some of the reactions to the twerk instructor's clueless comments:

Yikes! Black Twitter strikes again.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)


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