Chow Down On A Heart O' Nuggets Or Send Your Sweetie A D**k In A Box – Plus More Weird Valentine's Gifts

Chow Down On A Heart O' Nuggets Or Send Your Sweetie A D**k In A Box – Plus More Weird Valentine's Gifts

Forget perfect, get weird this Valentine's Day.

Published February 13, 2019

While you may consider purchasing the sweetest things you can find for your honey this Valentine's Day, these companies are keeping things interesting with gifts that are outrageous and flat out weird.

From a "d**k at your door" to a romantic dinner at your favorite fast food joint, we are floored at some of oddball gifts available for purchase.

Keep scrolling to see these unusual gifts that are being advertised this V-Day. And yeah, there's even a gift for your ex. Yikes!

  1. Name A Salmon ($20)

    For a simple donation of $20 to the Wildlife Images Rehab & Education Center in Oregon, you can name a salmon after your ex that handlers will feed to hungry bears to devour. Yikes! Click HERE to learn more.

  2. Name A Cockroach ($2)
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    If you're still a little bitter over how things ended between you and your ex-lover, now's the time to get the revenge you've been looking for by naming a cockroach after the one you hate. Click HERE to learn more.

  3. Edible Anus ($10)

    Does your partner like eating booty like groceries? Well, here's another treat for them to enjoy. If they can't get enough of that booty, how about making a chocolate treat version of you or your sweetheart's back door. Click HERE to get the a-hole of your dreams. 

  4. D**k At Your Door ($22)

    Let your inner prankster out with this gag gift for the win! A chocolate d**k in a box is guaranteed to make this a Valentine's one to remember. If you want to include a custom handwritten card you can, because after all it's the thought that counts. Click HERE to send one to your sweetie!

  5. Beef Jerky Bouquet ($50)

    Cater to your meat-obsessed boo-thang's needs by providing him with a bouquet--a jerky bouquet, to be exact. Click HERE to shop the jerky. 

  6. Sleazy Greetings ($5)

    It feels good to be wanted. Let the love of your life know how much you want them with a risque greeting card. Click HERE to find the perfect sleazy card for your special someone. 

  7. Exotic Jerky Heart ($50)

    If the beef jerky bouquet doesn't tickle your Valentine's fancy then try this heart filled with exotic meats. Besides, chocolate hearts are so cliché, right? Click HERE to cop this unique gift.

  8. Chick-Fil-A Heart O' Nuggets

    However, if chicken nuggets are the way to you or Valentine's heart, then you should make a stop at Chick-Fil-A for a special treat this holiday. The fast food joint is offering heart-shaped tins filled with their signature nuggets. This option is only available at participating locations, so click HERE to learn more!

Written by BET Staff

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