Would You Entertain Your 5-Year-Old Having A Play Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

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Would You Entertain Your 5-Year-Old Having A Play Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

Folks are in their feelings after rumors of North West being boo'd up.

Published February 20, 2019

There’s quite a lot of keeping up with the Kardashians to do this week, but while we wait for more on Tristan Thompson’s latest alleged cheating scandal, let’s get into North West being “boo’d up” over Valentine’s Day.

So the internet found out that 5-year-old North has an “older, rapper boyfriend” (he’s 7 years old, FYI) who bought her a Valentine’s gift from Tiffany & Co. Rapper Consequence’s son Caiden Mills is the “alleged” boyfriend, however Kim Kardashian quickly responded to the rumors, saying, “She doesn’t have a boyfriend. Like, is that for real? She’s 5.”

Uh, that’s exactly what we're thinking, Kim, but when Caiden’s Instagram account suggests that North was his girlfriend all over his feed with captions like, “Shout out to Northie, Babygirl I’ll see you soon,” alongside kissing emojis or pics like the one below, it’s a bit confusing.

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Boo’d Up 🥰🥰🥰

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TBH, it seems like KimYe’s little girl is just friendly with Consequence’s son. While the whole thing looks pretty innocent, the parents have obviously encouraged the play relationship, i.e. taking Caiden to Tiffany’s to shop.

Since the internet is in a frenzy over this pre-school puppy love, we asked folks to sound off:

Would you entertain your 5-year-old having a play "boyfriend" or “girlfriend”?

  1. "I think it’s natural for children to mimic adults"

    "I think it’s natural for children to mimic adults so if they see people in relationships on TV or in their own lives, it doesn’t surprise me that they would want to do that themselves. I think that kind of play is generally harmless and probably even good for kids.

    "What I think is wrong about this situation with Caiden and North West is that it is put on social media by their parents. Why is that performance element necessary? Why would it be necessary to tell millions of people about this as opposed to the kids just being friends and playing? That part to me is strange and clearly orchestrated by the adults." -Danielle

  2. "I'm Not Playing That"

    "I'm not playing that boyfriend/girlfriend stuff at 5 years old." -Jose

  3. "It's completely inappropriate to sexualize a child in that way"

    "I'm not a mom yet, but the answer is 100% no for me. It's completely inappropriate to sexualize a child in that way. It's one thing to joke between adults about two children who have taken a liking to each other, it's another to parade them on social media as someone's 'boo' or take them shopping to gift a 5-YEAR-OLD expensive presents. We all know that kids play games like house, but no child of mine will have permission to be in some kind of pretend child relationship." -Jelani 

  4. "Not no bae, boo, or baby"

    "Not at all. Kids should be kids as long as they can be. Introducing her to that aspect of life the 'adult life' is too much and should not be allowed. The relationship she should know is mommy, daddy, grandma and auntie. Not no bae, boo, or baby." -James

  5. "5 years old is too young to have kids practicing love"

    "I personally didn’t entertain boyfriend/girlfriend talk with my kids at the age 5. Knowing a kid liked them or hearing they have a crush on another kid...yeah, we may laugh about it but I wouldn't entertain the thought to where I’m taking them shopping to purchase gifts, etc.

    "I just think 5 years old is too young to have kids practicing love, [having a] crush or whatever we may call it. However, teaching my kids how to express themselves for someone they consider to be a good friend is different.

    "I’m OK with my son/daughter purchasing birthday or Christmas gifts for their close friends, whether boy or girl. But it’s not with the understanding they are purchasing gifts for someone they consider to be their girlfriend/boyfriend." -Eric

  6. "When parents get involved, it’s just weird"

    "I feel like everyone had a play girlfriend or boyfriend when they were 5 years old, but when parents get involved, it’s just weird. Like, I would understand if they were in the same class and he got North a special Valentine’s Day card separate from the rest of the class.

    "I’m just uncomfortable with the fact that these adults spent their money on an expensive gift to further this 'relationship.' I’m not sure if his father’s intention was to further the relationship, but I think it’s just strange to promote this. If this were my child, I would just have them make a card or buy something from the pharmacy." -Gina

  7. "I don’t think it’s a problem"

    "I don’t think it’s a problem for the kids to have play 'boyfriends/girlfriends.' I think adults feeding into it makes it bigger than it needs to be. There’s nothing wrong with a child making a card for a classmate or making a candy necklace for their crush. It’s cute!

    "I think in this case, the parents spending money on a present and then blasting it all over social media is the problem. I know social media rules today, but I feel like people should just let kids be kids." -Anonymous

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(Photo by Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images)


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