Enter The Blew A Bag 4K Sweepstakes!

Enter The Blew A Bag 4K Sweepstakes!

Here's your chance to win $4,000!

Published February 25, 2019

Ready to win the loot?

We’ve now heard how the likes of Soulja Boy and the First Lady of BMF blew through millions.

In season two, we’ll see even more bags blown. But how would you blow a bag?

Starting today, BET Digital is giving you a chance to win big — $4000, to be exact.

Playing is easy. Just subscribe to BET’s YouTube channel and answer a trivia question about the latest “Blew A Bag” episode. Then choose five numbers between 1 to 25 and manually input those numbers in the text field. Once you selected your numbers, your selection will be sent to the email registered in your entry.

If your five numbers match the five winning numbers drawn, you win the $4000 jackpot! Or if there’s more than one winner, the $4,000 will be equally divided among the winners. Winning numbers are drawn on a weekly basis, every Wednesday at 2:00p ET.

You can always check the winning numbers on BET’s (@BET) Instagram Stories. The sweepstakes rolls until someone matches all five numbers in any order — well, at least while the season’s running! Season two ends on Wednesday, March 13th.  If there’s no winner by March 13th, a winner will be selected at random among all entries received.

Ready to play for your chance to win? Enter here.

*Prize will be awarded by check or other monetary instrument.


Written by BET Staff


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