Porsha Williams Goes Bikini-Clad With A Message For Trolls Saying She Needs A ‘Cover Up’ To Hide Her Baby Weight

Porsha Williams at SiriusXM Studios on April 29, 2019 in New York City.

Porsha Williams Goes Bikini-Clad With A Message For Trolls Saying She Needs A ‘Cover Up’ To Hide Her Baby Weight

Wait until you see her amazing post-pregnancy curves!

Published August 17, 2019

Written by Tweety Elitou

Porsha Williams has been living her best life as a new mom—especially with her post-pregnancy curves!

On Friday (Aug. 16), the 38-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star hopped on social media posed with her 4-month-old baby girl, Pilar Jhená, as they enjoyed a sun filled mommy-daughter day at the pool.

Showing lots of skin in a fashionable black bikini, Porsha, who welcomed her first child with fiancé Dennis McKinley in March, looked amazing!

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While the photos were met with loads of praise, let’s just say Porsha didn’t take to kindly to a commenter who decided to poke fun and suggest she needed a “cover up,” until she lost her baby weight.

With the quickness, Porsha responded on Instagram highlighting the awkward and harmful undertones of the joke.

“This part of the problem! I should cover up at 4 months postpartum at a pool with my baby?? Shame of what… Shoot I had a whole baby and love every roll of love, [a] mark of bravery and miracle stripe on my body! Moms love the new you don’t let anyone shame you into being insecure about your mommy temple that created a little miracle! You’re awesome just the way you!”

Along with the screenshotted comment, Porsha posted yet another photo showing off her post-pregnancy body, along with a caption expressing why she’s completely unbothered by the “snapback culture.”

“Moms are badass don’t let anyone tell you different. Ps: It’s just weird I actually get this a lot,” she captioned the post highlighting the unorthodox comment.

She continued, “I think social media has altered people’s perception of what moms look like. A lot of moms tell me how they get under handed compliments or jokes about their weight and it really affects them in a negative way.”

Sick of new moms being subjected to having to snapback immediately after giving birth, Porsha shared her personal experience.

“I just feel like we should be able to bask in motherhood and let our bodies naturally heal and evolve. Like for me I had Pj 4 months ago and I just don’t feel ready to workout. The snap back culture has put pressure on most moms so they end up feeling insecure about what their body is naturally doing and looks like. Ion know call me weird but I actually adore my lil marks and feel like it’s a lil badge of honor as all moms should. I just want to use myself to encourage fellow mommies.”

Bring on the applause! We cannot express how happy we are that Porsha chose to speak her truth and encourage other women along the way.

Let’s be honest, society's expectations that women should have flat abs and snatched waistlines after bringing new life into the world is completely unrealistic. Not to mention, the jokes are totally uncalled for. Just saying…

(Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)


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