'Oprah’s 2020 Vision': Oprah Announces Her First National Tour In 5 Years

Oprah Winfrey

'Oprah’s 2020 Vision': Oprah Announces Her First National Tour In 5 Years

See why Oprah will be selling out arenas next year.

Published September 5th

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

Oprah Winfrey may not be running for president in 2020, but she will be campaigning for a different cause. On Wednesday (Sept. 5), Winfrey announced her new wellness arena tour will kick off on January 4 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in collaboration with Weight Watchers—Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus. As if we weren’t excited already for to hear the latest from Oprah in fitness and nutrition, it’s her first national tour in five years!

Oprah’s hit Canada and Australia more recently, but not the U.S. The OWN television network chief tapped into her partnership with Weight Watchers Reimagined to offer a full-day of wellness conversations during a nine-city tour complete with some major guest speakers who she has yet to announce. However, with Oprah’s connects we’re sure the guest list will be fab! And get this, she’s giving us a new one-on-one interview with a celebrity guest at every stop.

Here’s what she said about the upcoming tour:

“What I know for sure is we can all come together to support a stronger, healthier, more abundant life –– focused on what makes us feel energized, connected and empowered."

"As I travel the country, my hope for this experience is to motivate others to let 2020 be the year of transformation and triumph – beginning first and foremost with what makes us well. This is the year to move forward, let’s make it happen in 2020.”

In true Oprah fashion over $1 million from tour proceeds will benefit Weight Watchers Good, the company’s charity program that aids disadvantaged communities with healthy food.

(Photo by Rachel Luna/Getty Images)


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