Black-Owned Coffee Shops Around The Country To Hit Instead Of Starbucks

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Black-Owned Coffee Shops Around The Country To Hit Instead Of Starbucks

Do you like your coffee Black...owned? We do!

Published April 19, 2018

Today is International Coffee Day (Oct. 1) and rather than hit up Starbucks to your morning cup of Joe in commemoration of the holiday, ditch mega-chain coffee shops altogether and take your business to one of these Black-owned establishments.

Remember, the racial profiling incident that resulted in two young Black men getting arrested at a Starbucks in 2018? We do.

And while we didn’t cancel them altogether since they issued an apology and tried to rectify the situation by closing more than 8,000 stores for racial bias training shortly after, why not take the opportunity to support Black business today, tomorrow, or any other day?

  1. Red Bay Coffee- Oakland, CA
  2. Narrow Way Café- Detroit, MI
  3. Kaffeine Coffee- Houston, TX
  4. Urbean Joe Coffee & Café- Cleveland, OH
  5. Urban Grind- Atlanta, GA

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  6. BushwickGrind- Brooklyn, NY
  7. Coffee & Cornbread- Teaneck, NJ
  8. Breukelen Coffee House- Brooklyn, New York
  9. Ammerida Coffee- Tampa, FL
  10. Kafe Hub- Riviera Beach, FL

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  11. Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse- Philadelphia, PA
  12. UncleBobbie’s Coffee & Books- Philadelphia, PA

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