Men Sound-Off On Whether They Would Pull An 'Omarion' If A Friend Started Dating Their Ex & Mother To Their Kids

Lil Fizz, Apryl Jones, Omarion

Men Sound-Off On Whether They Would Pull An 'Omarion' If A Friend Started Dating Their Ex & Mother To Their Kids

What would you do? These men get real.

Published October 31, 2019

If you haven’t been keeping up to date on your Shade Room news, let us fill you in: Omarions ex and mother to his two kids, Apryl Jones, is now dating his fellow B2K member & Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood castmate Lil Fizz. The new couple has taken their love public despite folks bashing them for how they connected (through Omarion!).

Now, Omarion has stayed pretty quiet thus far and not gotten involved in any of the drama on social media.

Not all men would, as the Internet puts it, “take the high road” in a situation like this like he did. We wanted to know what real men would do if they found themselves in a Omarion/Apryl Jones/Lil Fizz situation, so we asked:

What would you do if your friend started dating your ex and mother to your children? Would you take the Omarion route OR an alternate route?

  1. It's Not Worth Stressing Over

    "It’s tough to draw a boundary line, because sometimes love and emotions don’t have boundaries. But it’s pretty foul that Omarion’s boy is looking so close within their own circle when there’s plenty of women out there. Personally, I’d take the high road – it’s not worth stressing over the girl I no longer have a positive relationship with over social politics. Seems a bit petty imo." —Alex Johnson, BET

  2. Fellas, never get too close to your boy's girl

    "I mean I wouldn’t do anything. Because even if I beat him up, she’s just going to be there nursing his wounds in the morning. I do however believe this is a case of attractive men and women not being able to be friends. Because isn’t that what a perfect relation is, two friends that are attracted to each other. Moral of the story, fellas never become close friends with your boys girl."—Kay Wynters

  3. Never Going To Happen

    "Wouldn’t happen.  The person wouldn’t be alive for committing such a  treasonous act. 😡😡😡" —Snypes Murdock, BET

  4. Unfortunately, They both can't be dead to me

    "As horrible as the situation is, I would have to take the high road for the sake of the kids. That kind of mess and drama can lead to a bad environment/experiences for their upbringing. What kind of lesson are the kids taking from this? There would have to be an honest conversation between the ex, the former friend and children if they’re old enough."

    Not saying I condone the actions, because if my best friend and mother to my children did that to me, we absolutely wouldn’t be friends anymore. But if he’s going to be in my kid’s lives because he’s with my kid’s mom, there would have to be a level of communication and boundaries put in place. Unfortunately they can’t both be dead to me.

    Long story short: I would have to respect my former friend and ex as human beings for the sake of the children, but we would no longer or ever be friends again." —Evans Alexandre, BET

  5. Don't End Up Getting Arrested

    "I’m taking the high road. You got to determine which situations warrant a reaction. Especially a reaction that will disrupt your quality of living. 

    I say that to say this, don’t end up getting arrested, fined and ordered by the court to take expensive anger management classes over someone or something that’s corny, outrageous and absurd. 

    The alternate route is filled with adversity." 

    Do you want to get denied for an apartment or job because you got a public blemish on your name for fucking up Lil Fizz?" —Michael Allamby, NewAm Wines

  6. I'll Take The high Road On Social Media

    "I'll take the high road on social media, but we definitely have to have a talk behind closed doors. I can't rock with you moving forward, now it makes me question your motives our whole relationship." —Marco Cayetano, Sales

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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