Yaya Mayweather Considers Moving Home With Her Father—See Inside Floyd Mayweather’s $10M Mansion!

Yaya Mayweather Gives A Glimpse Inside Her Father's Mansion!

Yaya Mayweather Considers Moving Home With Her Father—See Inside Floyd Mayweather’s $10M Mansion!

She shared a glimpse inside the luxe Las Vegas compound.

Published January 28th

Written by Tweety Elitou

Yaya Mayweather is considering moving into her father’s home—and honestly, we can’t blame her! Catch a glimpse inside Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s $10 million Las Vegas mansion that has social media in awe.

It looks like Yaya and her father are closer than ever since she gave birth to her son in January. Over the last few weeks, the new mom posted a series of adorable moments showing her newborn cradled in her father’s arms. 

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In a recent Instagram post, the doting grandfather is rocking his grandson to sleep. “We thinking about moving to Papa’s house,” the 19-year-old captioned the video that pans across the living room filled with luxury highlights. 

The fireplace. The expensive décor. Need we say more? The Money Team mansion is a palace! 

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As if that interior video wasn’t enough to leave you speechless, take a look at this clip Yaya posted of the mansion’s elaborate exterior. 

For those who may not be aware, this wasn’t the first time we’ve gotten a peek inside the stylish home of the famed athlete. Floyd recently posted a video showing his massive indoor pool. 

“Relaxing at home, enjoying a classic movie,” the boxer and media mogul captioned the brief clip. Absolutely stunning.

As for Yaya’s choice of moving back in with baby KJ, she never has to worry about there not being enough room. According to the LA Times, the 21,861 square feet compound features 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Other highlights of the expansive residence include two guesthouses, indoor and outdoor pools, along with a 20-car subterranean garage.

(Photos: Michael Tran/FilmMagic, Unique Nicole/Getty Images)


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