Top Reasons To Attend An HBCU

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Top Reasons To Attend An HBCU

From authentic Black culture to unparalleled school pride, the experience is one-of-a-kind.

Published September 14th

Looking for reasons why attending a historically Black college or university may be right for you? Look no further, because BET’s got you covered. While we could go on forever about why attending an HBCU may be your best choice, we dropped some of our top reasons below. Consider these before filling out those college applications and thank us later.

  1. Courses
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    There are plenty of competitive degree programs offered across HBCUs. From educators to doctors to engineers, HBCUs provide the coursework for many career paths, so you’re able to pursue the program that’s right for you. Class sizes are also usually smaller, which means more individualized attention. Unique classes are offered that delve into African-American history and experiences, so you can continue to explore your culture during your studies. “You will never get African-American History the way you will get it at an HBCU,” says Brook England, an alum of FAMU.

  2. Extracurricular Activities
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    Greek life, band, sports, debate team — the list goes on! HBCUs have you covered no matter what your interests outside the classroom may be. Some of the organizations with national and international ties have been around for a VERY long time and are staples in HBCU culture. They’re the best places to build lasting friendships with like-minded individuals because your experience outside the classroom walls is just as relevant as inside. 

  3. Pride Like No Other
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    HBCU students and alumni alike will rep their school until the end of time. Whether it’s cheering on your team or wearing your favorite college hoodie, you’ll know an HBCU attendee when you see one (or hear one). You’re convinced your school’s the best and no one can tell you otherwise!

  4. Sense Of Community
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    Black excellence is at its finest at HBCUs. It’s motivating to be surrounded with like-minded and success-driven peers who also strive to continue the prideful legacy that lives among HBCUs. “The confidence attending an HBCU gave me in the workplace is bar none. You’ll graduate with a stronger sense of self. It truly prepares you to stand out as a person of color and how to excel even in difficult settings,” says Janell Hickman, a Hampton University alum.

  5. Support and a Lifelong Family
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    Faculty at HBCUs are possibly the most supportive in assisting students as they navigate through college and beyond, since they already know the struggles you may face along the way to achieving your goals. Each institution is filled with people who are devoted to aiding in the success of each and every student. Having a strong support system before entering the workforce is key, but it doesn’t end there. Often times alumni will reach out to their educators down the line for guidance for whatever life may throw at them.

Written by BET Staff

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