To steam or not to steam, that is the question.

Published May 15, 2015


So my coworkers read about V-Steams and were like, “Jaz, you’ve got to try this!” Always one to try new things, I immediately got started planning. 1) I Googled: What is a V-Steam? 2) After finding more information and trying to wrap my head around the idea of dangling my lady parts over a pot of hot water, I started to rethink the idea. 3) To steam or not to steam? I decided to do the damn thang and make an appointment.

V-Steam is short for Vaginal Steam (doesn’t V-Steam sound less scary?). Gwyneth Paltrow provides this definition of the spa treatment on her lifestyle site, GOOP: Steaming your V is when you "sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al. It is an energetic release — not just a steam douche — that balances female hormone levels." But who really listens to Gwen? I mean come on; she tried to live off of $29 worth of food for a whole week as part of a glorified food stamp challenge and epically failed. So here’s the real deal without all the hoo-hah, you basically sit naked on an open-seated chair, under which a humidifier emits herb-infused steam for 30 to 45 minutes. Think of it as a steam facial, but for your vagina.

The vaginal detox claims to soothe menstrual cramps and boost women's fertility. I don’t know about the whole fertility thing, but I’m here for those bothersome cramps. And even though there’s no clinical evidence to support the benefits, you can find loads of testimonials from V-steamers who swear by it online.


V-Steams are a relatively “new” practice in the U.S. so finding a spa that does them can be tricky. I live in New York, so I was able to track a spot down — Juvenex Spa — which to my knowledge is the only spot in NYC that provides a vaginal steam. They call theirs a “Gyno Spa Cure” (fancy!) and charge $75 for 30 minutes. Or if you decide to commit to having your girly parts on fleek for 365 days, you can pay $750 for 12 Sessions (1 session per month). This was Juvenex’s description, “Try this ancient remedy that Asian cultures have known for centuries. Utilizing healing herbs to irrigate the vaginal passage to restore optimum health. Available for the first time in the U.S.” Sounds inviting, right?

The Scoop!

I showed up for my appointment along with my editor for, ya know, moral support. The staff was amazeballs. They were all so kind and made you feel like you weren’t just about to willingly subject your va-jay-jay to boiling hot temperatures. We were comfortable and we were given lockers to hold our personal items and really comfy robes to change into. We were also greeted by our own personal spa attendant to assist us if our va-jay-jay started to go up in flames.

We were led into the spa and directly to the V-steam station, where we were pleasantly surprised. It was a lot cuter and much cozier-looking than I imagined. In front of us was a quaint little corner with two chairs and a table. Our attendant led us to our seats and made sure we were seated comfortably. The chairs are open in the middle with the steam concoction underneath. We stayed wrapped in our robes and only needed to lift them to sit (as if we were using the toilet). And at our table was water, tea, a fruit plate and magazines.

Now, everyone will have a different experience. Upon exposure to the steam, I felt tingly and warm. My editor, on the other hand, felt like it was way too hot. She adjusted herself and was able to enjoy the rest of the treatment, but still she was wary of being burned. I had no complaints. I munched on some fruit and literally sipped my tea like I was at a tea party. I will add that I did feel kind of dry down below, but the treatment was over soon after. I sat up and my body felt very relaxed and my V felt fresh. Success, I guess.

The Verdict Is In!

Let's fast forward. My next period was just two weeks later and my cramps were on fire. Like lying-on-the-floor-of-my-boss’s-office fire. My V-steam definitely didn't help in that area, but maybe frequent visits will make a difference? I don’t know. But at $75 a pop, I’m not here for it. To me, this is more like a novelty and a cool experience with your girls or a relaxing me-time for yourself. All-in-all, I’ll say this is a fun 2015 trend that will probably stay in 2015.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a whirl, girl! Comment below to tell me about your experience getting your #VOnFleek or reach me on social media. 

'Til Next Time,

Jaz (@liddle_bitt)

(Photo: Jazmine Ortiz/BET)

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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