Commentary: The Benefit of Staying Out of People's Business

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Commentary: The Benefit of Staying Out of People's Business

The best thing we can do is to stop caring so much about what happened in that elevator.

Published May 14, 2014

Imagine if it had been Rihanna in the Standard Hotel elevator after the Met Ball Gala. Kicking and smacking upside the head the famous husband of her BFF Melissa Forde. We would care...and then we wouldn't. It would be one more example of That Rihanna, the category where we place the pop star's hijinx. Naked on Instagram, twerking on tape, ass-whipping in an elevator, it would just be one more thing that makes Rih Rih who she is.

This is the exact opposite response to the Carter-Knowles Elevator Takedown 2014. We care...and then we care some more. It is the most exciting thing the Internet has seen since forever. People could not run fast enough to hit play on the TMZ video of little sister Solange attempting to administer a smacking to brother-in-law Jay Z, as Beyoncé fixed her dress and kept out of the way.

But that was on Monday. And now, people, it is time to fall back. It is also time to remember that we have zero idea of what was being said or what made Solange go off (and what made Beyoncé stay so uninvolved). Some are reporting that Jay tried to go off to a Rihanna party without Beyoncé. The rest of the cyber world says the sisters are fighting over social media, deleting pics on Instagram and posting quotes about purging toxic relationships. It is a tabloid mongering, conspiracy theory free-for-all and people can’t get enough.

Here is why we should: Everyone has at least one family member who has attacked another. And we are probably relieved that it was private, so everyone could work out what needed to be settled without the world watching. We didn’t decree anyone “cray-z,” the way people are labeling Solange—we just realized that sometimes family life is super, super messy.

The Knowles and Carters know this, too, which is why they had absolutely no intention of the footage ever going public. So the argument that "when you're famous, you have no privacy" does not apply here because everyone who has ever picked their nose or had a grope session in an elevator swore no one was watching. This is not an intentionally leaked sex tape, it is a private family moment gone public. And in the truest sense of the words "none of your business," it is none of ours.

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Written by By: Ayana Byrd


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