The Dos And Don'ts While Traveling With a Romantic Partner

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The Dos And Don'ts While Traveling With a Romantic Partner

So what's the real deal on vacationing with your significant other?

Published June 20, 2014

Although traveling on your own or with your girlfriends can be one of the most beneficial experiences in your life, traveling with your significant other can prove to be just as rewarding. It allows the two of you to form a closer bond of togetherness. On the flip side, it isn’t just sunshine and roses. As we all know, beginning from the pre-planning stages of budgeting, researching and making arrangements, it can prove to be challenging as well. Similar to traveling, relationships are about growth and the opportunity to create meaningful and memorable experiences — both good and bad. But you have to be willing to take the risk.

Before anything else, a huge factor to keep in mind is compromise. I know several couples who’ve admitted arguments ensued that could’ve easily been avoided. At the end of the day, it’s best to agree to disagree. Why ruin a good trip over minuscule details? One other thing to keep in mind when traveling with your beau is to not travel somewhere you’ve previously been with someone else. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but unfortunately it’s worth mentioning. More common than not, many people have and will experience romantic getaways that have become nightmares in paradise because of this.

Thankfully, my travel experiences with a significant other have been the complete opposite. I vividly remember a guy who I was dating at the time suggested planning a vacation together. Unfortunately, we waited until the last minute and the prices weren't in agreement with our pockets. Luckily, as I began to take the lead in planning our romantic getaway, I remembered my reward points I accumulated through previous stays at Comfort Suites. To my surprise, they were able to accommodate us. Making our trip fun, affordable and couple friendly as they were able to provide us with a wide array of travel packages to choose from! Until then, I hadn't realized the importance and value of building brand loyalty. We all know vacations can become a bit pricey, but don’t neglect the value of customer loyalty programs. Stacking up reward points is extremely beneficial as it allows you the opportunity to take advantage of perks made available to both you and your partner.

During our vacation together, I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of doing things that were brand new to the both of us. It’s always good to have a tentative itinerary, but don’t overbook. You’ll end up being so stressed trying to fit everything into a small window that you won’t be able to enjoy the moment. Allow time to relax, enjoy each other’s company and take in the beauty of being in a new environment and experiencing something new together. 

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Written by Dontaira Terrell


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