Leading Women Defined by Mom: Kimberly Paige

Kimberly Paige

Leading Women Defined by Mom: Kimberly Paige

The VP of Marketing at Coca-Cola defines success on her own terms.

Published May 9, 2014

Success for Kimberly Paige, Vice President of Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company and manager of the Sprite trademark, is all about being on purpose and being able to do things that matter.

Growing up, Kimberly was taught by her mother to define success on her own terms, a lesson she is actively teaching her own children today.

Kimberly says, “As individuals we often try to do what others think we should do and you really have to define what that looks like for you, and that’s something that I try to live by every day.”

Thankful for an always incredibly supportive mom, Kimberly shares, “I never thought there was anything I could not do. Each day I left feeling that I could be anything and conquer the world. As a mother, that’s what we want for our kids, to be confident in who they are and love themselves.”

She also shares, “The best memory I have of my mom is really our talks on the way to school every morning. She would say to me, ‘Show them how beautiful and smart you are.’ And that’s exactly what I say to my kids today.”

For Kimberly, a perfect Mother’s Day is defined as being surrounded by her family and spending quality time at home. “The best day for me would be being at home with my kids,” she adds.

“I think what my mother inspired in me was really being able to figure out what’s important in life and understanding my values, and then governing myself in a way that is true to my values,”  Kimberly reflects with deep gratitude, “So when I am at work, I am very confident in my abilities, because I know it’s rooted in who I am as an individual.”

This Mother’s Day, join us as we celebrate and honor Kimberly and her mother.

Written by BET-Staff


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