Leading Women Defined by Mom: MC Lyte

MC Lyte

Leading Women Defined by Mom: MC Lyte

The rapper shares why her mother was known as the “cool mom.”

Published May 2, 2014

Grammy-nominated rapper and emcee Lana Moorer, better known by her stage name, MC Lyte, recalls her mom being both cool and strict. Whether it was a vocabulary lesson or life lesson, Lyte’s mom was always teaching and challenging her daughter to be cognizant of her surroundings and pursue a career that makes her happy. During a recent interview with BET Networks, Lyte reminisced about the best piece of advice her mom ever gave her, “Don’t take any wooden nickels, don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes and always pay attention.”

Growing up in New York City, Lyte recalls her mom’s primary goal was to make sure her daughter was safe and aware of her surroundings. “There were games being ran on everyone all the time and she just wanted me to stay safe,” Lyte says.

Lyte’s mom studied to be a school teacher, so naturally, Lyte was her student all the time. From her, Lyte learned to not get stuck and be willing to try new things.

“As for being a cool mom,” Lyte explains, “she took me to see Broadway shows and every time we had an extra ticket, we would take someone from the block. So everyone got to experience Dreamgirls, Cats and Dracula simply because my mom was cool.”

Today, Lyte is proud to say her mom is her biggest cheerleader and very best friend. Lyte is especially grateful for her mother’s prayers that she would be able to travel the world. Mother’s Day is a special day for Lyte, as she always looks forward to showing her mom how much she appreciates her love, support and prayers.

This Mother’s Day, we join Lyte in celebrating and honoring her mother.

Written by BET-Staff


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