Leading Women Defined by Mom: Tai Beauchamp

Tai Beauchamp

Leading Women Defined by Mom: Tai Beauchamp

The TV personality thanks her mom for her love, strength and resilience.

Published May 2, 2014

The energetic and beautiful Tai Beauchamp, a veteran journalist, beauty and style expert, TV personality and host, recently described a mother as “anyone who wants to nurture and is committed to nurturing.”

Empowering the power of women.

Growing up, Mother’s Day was always a special day for Tai. During a recent interview with BET Networks, Tai shared, “We were in a household full of women. It was like special carved out time for us to celebrate womanhood. Now that I think about it, that’s probably a wonderful lesson my mother and my grandmother taught me without necessarily intending to – just knowing and recognizing the power of women.”

Known for her savvy sense of style, ability to deliver inspiring and aspirational insights and commitment to empowering women through fashion and beauty, it’s quite clear Tai’s life has been inspired and nurtured by two powerful forces: her mother and grandmother.

“One of the things that my mom taught me was to believe in myself, believe in my own beauty and my own power and to know that there is nothing I can’t accomplish. But most importantly, my mother has taught me about strength and resilience. She has persevered. She is such an amazing giver of life and love to so many people. That advice has really shaped my whole existence,” explained Tai.

She continued to share more about the positive and loving examples her mother has exemplified throughout her life, saying, “I thank her so much for taking care of my grandmother the way that she does — she loves with such passion and dedication. That is very inspiring to me.”

Tai remembers identifying her mom as “the pretty mom” as she was growing up. Tai notes, “All of my friends would look at her and were totally enamored by her because she was stylish, she wore cool clothes, and I remember when I got big enough to borrow her clothes, it felt really exciting.”

When it comes to beauty, Tai doesn’t credit her stylish mother, but in fact, gives a nod to her grandmother for helping her learn and introducing her to the world of beauty and cosmetics. “I actually learned all about beauty from my grandmother, because the way my grandmother would apply lipstick, and then use that same red lipstick that I’m wearing right now, and then touch her cheeks.”

Recalling fond memories from her childhood, Tai said, “I think I had a very interesting dynamic, seeing my mom, who was the super young, effervescent, stylish woman, and then seeing my grandmother, who was just so regal and so beautiful.”

This Mother’s Day, we join Tai in saluting and honoring her mother and grandmother.

Written by BET-Staff


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