Leading Women Defined by Mom: Taren Guy

Taren Guy

Leading Women Defined by Mom: Taren Guy

The hair vlogger reveals how she honors her late mother.

Published May 7, 2014

With her popular channel on YouTube and serving as host of the “Luv and Learn Your Hair” multi-city national tour, Taren Guy has gained over 18 million views worldwide and has a devout following of more than 450,000 on her social networks. While Taren has successfully connected with and inspired thousands of fans online, it’s safe to say her biggest fans are her three children. Taren is the proud mother of two teenage boys, a five-year-old daughter and is also expecting.

During a recent interview with BET Networks, Taren talked with us about motherhood, the loss of her mom and what she hopes to pass on to her children.

“Being a mom is love and support,” Taren reflects. “My mom was a very strong woman. She passed away eight years ago from cervical cancer. I had a very close relationship with her, so she always gave me great advice. One thing that I definitely got from my mom was her strength. She was definitely a rock, and I am very thankful for that.”

In addition to her mother’s strength, when it comes to raising children, Taren believes in allowing children to be individuals, a value Taren learned from her mom. Taren shares, “Being a mother, sometimes we forget that our children are individuals. So let them express themselves to you, even if you don’t agree with it. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to learn without them hurting themselves. Support their dreams.”

For Taren, success means happiness. And while Taren doesn’t necessarily correlate money with success and happiness, freedom is a critical component to the equation. Taren says, “With freedom, everything falls into place.”

Taren describes her idea of the perfect Mother’s Day as spending time with her children, being with family and enjoying some quiet time to pray and reflect on the loss of her mom. She says, “Since my mom passed away, I always light a candle and I have some of my own quiet time, say a prayer and speak to her still. That’s the perfect Mother’s Day for me.”

This Mother’s Day, join us as we celebrate and honor Taren Guy.

Written by BET-Staff


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