The Diddy Debate: Marriage vs. Love Contract

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The Diddy Debate: Marriage vs. Love Contract

The music mogul introduces an alternative to saying, "I do."

Published May 12, 2015

While promoting his new fragrance, 3AM, on Watch What Happens Live, Diddy told Andy Cohen he wasn’t ready for marriage anytime soon, but that he would sign a “love contract” instead.

OK, let me wrap my head around this, and then decode it.

I’m all for making your own rules when it comes to love as long as both parties involved are happy, but here’s the thing: Isn’t that what marriage is: a love contract? Diddy even went as far as to say his contract would include a financial agreement of sorts. This setup that he describes (as if it were something brand new) sounds exactly like marriage without the label and without being recognized by law. So it raises a few questions... a) Is Diddy a commitment-phobe that has been so scarred from his past relationships that he’s in fear of screwing up his new one? b) Maybe this is his way of keeping Cassie happy without the responsibility that comes with being a "real" husband. c) Is marriage becoming a thing of the past and this is the new direction that relationships are headed?

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m not ready yet to throw away the institution of marriage for a “love contract,” especially one written by Diddy. Or better yet, I’ll sign your contract as long as we have a marriage license, too. In this day in age where everything is all about a piece of paper, logistics and the legal system, I can see the appeal of wanting to throw it all out the window and create your own definition of love, but at the same time we don’t live in a hippy-dippy world where we have the freedom to do so. Both parties in the relationship need to be protected and there will be situations that arise where this “love contract” just won’t cut it. I can picture it now — Cassie drafting an amendment year after year to address the loopholes of this so-called commitment.

I applaud Diddy for wanting to keep the focus on the love, rather than the system, but let’s call it what it is: an open relationship. My only wish is that I hope his longtime girlfriend Cassie is happy with just doing the Goldie Hawn thing, as he put it (a reference to the actress and Kurt Russell, who have famously avoided marriage after 32 years of dating). She seems like a committed, loyal girlfriend, and the type of woman any guy would love to lock down. But that’s just me.

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Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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