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#Bae: Why Omarion Refusing to Perform at Club DSTRKT Matters


#Bae: Why Omarion Refusing to Perform at Club DSTRKT Matters

We need more Black men standing up for us.

UPDATED ON : OCTOBER 7, 2015 / 04:28 PM

Imagine just wanting to hang with your squad at the best club in town but instead are turned away at the door. Yeah, it’s happened to plenty of us. Maybe we didn’t have the right shoes, or one of us accidentally left our ID at home, or perhaps the club had reached capacity. But imagine if you were told the reason you couldn’t get in was because you were “too dark” and “too overweight” for the club’s “standards.”

Last week, this is what four beautiful sistas claimed happened to them at the London hotspot DSTRKT.

Thankfully, the women went to the media, telling one outlet that one of the women was invited by a promoter ahead of time. She was told to provide pictures of the friends she was bringing and was told that if she was bringing Black women, they had to be of a "certain caliber."

Guess they didn’t fit into that caliber.

The club, which has no issue making money off of Black stars such as Jay Z and Rihanna, put out a public statement saying that they don’t discriminate based on race or gender and deny these allegations. But that didn’t stop singer Omarion, who’s currently on tour with Chris Brown, from canceling his performance at the club.

“I will not be attending #DstrktLondon tonight period,” he tweeted to fans.

Even NFL star Osi Umenyiora, who is from London, canceled a recent appearance at the club. He tweeted to a concerned fan, “yes I got the memo, and of course I DID NOT ATTEND. There is no room in our society for that nonsense.”

#Baes all day.

And while these are really small acts, they carry a lot of weight, especially given this overwhelming sentiment that too often, too many Black men don’t always have our backs.

And you know what I am talking about.

Every day I get on social media I am bombarded with memes that infer how trifling we as Black women are, that we’re unlovable, too loud, too dark, too materialistic, have too many kids, not submissive enough, you name it. Or we are called “angry Black females” by dudes like O’Shea Jackson Jr. or accused of being mad and intolerant because we are disappointed when Black men overlook us and date white women instead, via Michael B. Jordan. (Granted, Jordan did apologize, but still.)

Not to mention, when injustices happen to Black women, there often is silence. When we are killed, do thousands of people show up for us? And even when we shine, it feels like the only people celebrating are other Black women.

Don’t you all think we’re magic, too?

Yet, despite feeling under-appreciated, so many of us are still here, standing up for Black men. Propping them up, showing up and even marching because we care about their lives. Think about it: three amazing Black women started the Black Lives Matter movement that was sparked by the murder of Michael Brown, a young Black man. I’d ask if the gender were reversed in these situations, would this movement even exist? But sadly, I know the answer.

And so this is precisely why what Omarion and other Black men have done in retaliation against DSTRKT matters and deserves mad kudos. Not only does it give me hope, it serves as a much needed example of what standing up for Black women looks like. And I hope that this act can encourage more men to do the same, because I think I can speak for many other Black women when I say that we NEED your love, appreciation and solidarity.

In a world that beats us all down every day for being who we are, we need to know that our lives matter to you, too.

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Written by Kellee Terrell


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