Commentary: The Sexting Trend No One Wants to Acknowledge


Commentary: The Sexting Trend No One Wants to Acknowledge

In defense of the d**k pic

Published November 5, 2015

Two sounds were heard after Game released photos online of him in his underwear, where his private parts became a little more public thanks to the hefty bulge in his boxers. The first sound: applause. Women everywhere gave a hearty "how you doin’" to the packin’ rapper.


The second sound: ch-ching. Sales for Ethika, the company that made Game’s boxers, increased by 500 percent since the photos were released. That’s a lot of hopeful men — and optimistic women — believing that the penis in their life could be way more impressive if only it were outfitted in this same underwear.

When the world was done high-fiving Game, it had to contend with a truism that is actually false. Namely, the idea that women don’t like to look at photos of penises. Yes, we’ve read in enough Cosmo articles that men are the more visually-stimulated gender, but that’s ignoring the growing popularity of d**k pics. Recently, GQ released an online video of their resident female advice woman telling men to put it away, the ladies don’t ever ever want a text or email of their junk. Pshaw! say all of the women sitting around right now waiting for a man to hit “send” on that underwear-less selfie he just snapped.

Here’s the thinking behind the increasingly popular penis pic: Imagine the return policy on a pair of shoes is a headache. There's no simple giving them back to the store and getting your money or store credit. Instead, these shoes that are all wrong for you suddenly have the ability to bring annoyance and attitude into your life. And they never fully go away — sometimes when you are minding your business at the mall, they pop up, still ready to cause you grief.

For a pair of shoes with this nightmare potential, you would absolutely not want to purchase them without getting a good glimpse first, a chance to see what they’re promising without having to make any kind of commitment. If it works for a pair of shoes, why can’t it work for a penis? Many a woman wants to know what she’d be expected to work with before she has to work it.

And these women should not be called out. They should be called smart.

And for all the men who have been anxiously waiting to drop trou, take aim and hit send, they can thank the Game for sparking their lady’s interest. always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture.

(Photo: The Game via Instagram)

Written by Ayana Byrd


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