Commentary: For All the Sexy Mamas

Amber Rose

Commentary: For All the Sexy Mamas

Here's to Amber Rose, J.Lo and the other hot moms.

Published January 21, 2015

Most people agree that women who are moms should love and nurture their kids and do everything in their power to care for and keep them safe. That's a given. But lately there's been a lot of disagreement as to whether or not these mothers need to cover up and stop being sexy people.

Somehow a vocal number of folks have conflated the idea of raising a child with the notion of looking like a nun. Otherwise, how else to explain all of the backlash that Amber Rose has been getting since she started releasing sexy Instagram shots of herself, pictures where she takes the concept of string bikini to new and skimpy places. "Cover up! You're somebody's mother," say people not minding their own business and who have access to social media. Some are talking badly about Kim Kardashian after she appeared in a wee tiny fur bikini online this week. It's the same criticism Beyoncé has to hear whenever her Sasha Fierce-sexiness takes center stage. They are the same criticisms that led mother-of-two Jennifer Lopez to tell Complex mag, “I’m not allowed to be sexy because I’m a mom? It’s like, How do you think I got my children? The truth is I don’t want to do anything that they would be embarrassed of in the long run. But at the end of the day, they care more about me being there, taking care of them, than if I’m sexy in a video.” 

If your own mother is the sexiest lady on the block and this bothers you, by all means, say something! But if a woman you do not know, whose child you are not helping to raise and whose kid seems happy, well-fed and provided for wants to bedeck herself in a thong and show the world, by all means, keep quiet! This policing of women's bodies and a mother's sexuality is not only nothing new, but there's nothing positive about it. What right do others have to put down a mom for her sexy choices? How is Amber Rose's son Sebastian or Blue Ivy or North West helped by public attempts at shaming their mothers?

There's a shorter way of expressing what all these people can do with their put downs of sexy moms and Amber Rose delivered it this week: "Kiss my MILFY a** b*****s." And she's left it barely covered to make it easy to find. 

(Photo: Amber Rose via Instagram)

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Written by Ayana Byrd


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