Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble’s Secrets for Flawless Color

Kim Kimble

Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble’s Secrets for Flawless Color

Plus, Kimble shares her A-list styling secrets for extensions and weaves.

Published March 30, 2015

You may know hairstylist Kim Kimble as the star of the reality series L.A. Hair, or perhaps as the woman behind the successful Kimble Beauty hair-care line. She's also worked her magic on celeb clients including Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Shakira and Mary J. Blige, earning her a reputation as the best in the business.

We recently caught up with Kimble at Sheen magazine’s Executive Beauty Suite in Atlanta. While we may never be able to replicate Bey’s signature shade of blonde (yep, Kimble is responsible for that, too!), we did pick Kimble’s brain about her secrets for achieving flawless hair color, which is trending for spring. Plus, she shared some A-list styling tips you’ll want to incorporate into your regimen ASAP.

B*Real: Let’s say we wanted to go light, like Beyoncé blonde. What are some tips to find out the best shade for our skin tone?

Kim Kimble: There are two things I look at: skin complexion and I look at the color of their eyes. That tells a lot. Golden, light brown eyes like Beyoncé's look great with golden blonde hair. Reds look good with green eyes. Green also looks good with ashier blondes. Brown eyes naturally look good with richer tones, richer colors and warmer skin tones. More olive skin looks good with warm tones and neutral tones, like yellow-golden colors and reds. I really gauge more with the eyes, but the skin complexion can help, too.

B*Real: What hair color trends are you most excited about right now?

KK: The trend that I have been seeing lately is a lot of bold color. I think people are being more daring with color. Just more bolder, brighter colors, even neon. I’ve seen so many different colors out there — in fashion, in the street, every different place — everybody’s all about color. Even in natural hair. I’m seeing people with lots of salmon pink and teals in their dreadlocks. I mean, it’s just been amazing and it actually looks genius. I’m surprised at how they’ve taken something so out there and make it so beautiful.

B*Real: Hair color can be very damaging, especially on textured hair. What are your tips for keeping color vibrant and the hair healthy?

KK: [For styling,] use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. I like very hydrating masks with natural oils in them and hot oil treatments to keep the hair moisturized. [After your hair is colored with permanent dye] you need a temporary color to keep the hair color vibrant in between. These are rinses that you put on the hair for color deposit only [meaning they are formulated without peroxide]. Goldwell has a color refresher and there’s also Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes rinse. They keep the hair color looking rich and shiny, especially for reds and warm browns.

B*Real: What are your tips for speeding up the grow-out process after a drastic cut?

KK: You know what? A haircut is a commitment, but when you’re tired of it and you want to grow it out, I always say extensions and wigs. You can do that to get you through until it grows out. The grow-out stage can be quite awkward, and extensions can help camouflage. It’s instant gratification.

B*Real: Hair extensions seem to be go-to options for many stars in Hollywood. What tips do you give your celeb clients for caring for their extensions to keep the hair looking supple?

KK: First, you have to buy top-notch quality hair. I actually manufacture hair because I am all about having top-notch quality hair. If it’s cheap hair, it’s going to get matted up like crazy. Then, also at night, I tell them to wear a silk bonnet or sleep on a silk pillowcase. Silk keeps the hair from drying out. And using the right shampoo and conditioners: sulfate-free, paraben-free detangling shampoos are really good for extensions. You definitely want to keep them hydrated to prevent them from tangling.

B*Real: What are your favorite products for caring for extensions?

KK: We have a K2 Beauty line, which is for extensions, and we have a detangling product in it. But I also use Pantene. [Kimble is an ambassador for Pantene hair products.] I like their dry shampoo and the keratin-oil spray is also great for extensions.

B*Real: And what’s the best cleansing routine for keeping the scalp and natural hair clean while wearing weaves?

KK: I have this product called Scalp Relief. You spray it into the scalp and it keeps it smelling fresh. It has oils, mint and tea-tree oil in it. But you’ve got to wash your scalp to keep it clean. And rinse it very well. Take longer to rinse it and let the water get in there, and then let it dry out. It’s better to wash it in the morning and let it air out throughout the day instead of going to bed and trying to tie it up [wet] at night, which can cause mildew.

B*Real: You’ve amassed quite a few fans and followers over the years. What’s your advice to young hairstylists who want to follow in your footsteps to become top celebrity stylists and entrepreneurs?

KK: There are a couple of things that you have to do. First, have a love and passion for the business. Educate yourself, learn all you can and study hair and fashion so that you’re ahead of the curve. Second, find a great mentor, someone who can show you the ropes so you don’t make certain mistakes, and they can give you a head start.

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Written by Britt Middleton


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