We Tried It: Aveda Smooth Infusion Collection

We Tried It: Aveda Smooth Infusion Collection

B*Real's Beauty Editor is on the hunt for the perfect blowout.

Published May 13, 2015

They say when a woman changes her hair, she’s about to change the world. While my plans for global domination are still on the drawing board (heh), it was time to switch up my look.

A brief history: In quite the Britney Spears fashion, I buzzed off my chemically relaxed hair in the spring of 2010, and I’ve been natural ever since. With each year I found myself feeling more and more apprehensive about using heat, color or chemically-laden products in an effort to preserve my virgin, shoulder-length 4A coils, but after five years, I knew I’d dug myself into a rut.

The easiest option was to go straight, so when Aveda gave me the opportunity to experience its new Smooth Infusion Collection, I was psyched. Each of the Smooth Infusion products is targeted for curly, textured hair to help reduce frizz, hydrate and shield strands against humidity. Aveda is known for incorporating all-natural plant botanicals into its products, which are also cruelty-free (for you vegans out there), all pluses in my book.

My puff and I arrived at Van Michael Salon, an Aveda concept salon in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, and were greeted by master stylist Loreen and her assistant, Freddie. After taking down my bun, Freddie treated my scalp to a yummy massage to increase blood flow and induce relaxation, then he shampooed me with the Smooth Infusion Shampoo ($6.50-$63).

It’s worth noting that all the products in the Smooth Infusion line have an incredibly light, faintly citrus scent. Freddie then applied the Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque ($27) with hydrating Cupuaçu butter and let it sit on my hair for 10 minutes, adding a warm towel to increase penetration, before rinsing.

Back at the styling chair, Loreen sectioned my hair and used a Denman brush to detangle gently. My hair felt really soft at this point, before she even added product. Section by section, she smoothed on Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight ($26), a blow-dry cream and the crown jewel of the Smooth Infusion line. It coats each strand with plant-derived fibers rather than harsh chemicals to gradually loosen curls over time (after five consecutive uses, hair will stay straight up for to three washes). She applied Aveda’s Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil ($27) on the ends to protect them from heat damage and add shine.

Loreen blow-dried my hair section by section. Even before flat ironing, I noticed that the products had taken a considerable amount of bulk from my hair, and my stands felt really supple. She ironed my hair (no extra product needed) and gave my ends a small trim. I may or may not have whipped my hair back and forth in the bathroom mirror after she finished. (See more photos below.)

I enjoyed my super-straight locks for six days and used a few drops of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil each day to keep my strands shiny.

A few takeaways: the Smooth Infusion Collection is meant to decrease volume for a sleek finish, so if you’re down with poker-straight hair, its for you. If you’re trying them at home, I would suggest using all the products together, as they build upon each other to moisturize and silken strands. Also, this isn’t a permanent straightening treatment, but do realize that consistent heat styling may alter your natural curl pattern.

Have you tried the Aveda Smooth Infusion Collection or do you have any questions about the process? Hit me up @bmidd on Twitter or @thebrittmiddleton on Instagram and let me know what you think!

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Written by Britt Middleton


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