Commentary: Another Problem With Bieber’s Naked Instagram

(Photo: Justin Bieber via Instagram)

Commentary: Another Problem With Bieber’s Naked Instagram

Are women the new normal for Internet sexism?

Published July 8, 2015

It used to be that to see naked celebrity butts you had to wait for a sex tape to get leaked. But Instagram couldn’t have made it any easier to see the cheeks of the rich and famous. And yet, how has the world said thanks? By showing just how sexist we can be.  

Take Justin Bieber. First, while you are having Independence Day BBQs, he is standing butt naked on the bow of a ship, looking off into the distance as another person takes a shot of him from the back. You may have never done that, but for the Biebs, that’s just what happens in the summer. And because it’s how he rolls, it is also what he posts on Instagram. The picture of him went viral (two million likes and counting) after being posted on July 6 — and it also got the thumbs up of women everywhere, ones who left messages begging him to “turn around” and others having the caption equivalent of an orgasm over bared Bieber booty. 

Somewhere Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian must be plotting revenge on all of Bieber’s Instagram followers. When these famous women have shown off their bodies on social media they have been met with a tidal wave of hate. Some have called them whorish, many have reminded Kim and Beyoncé that they are someone’s mother and should have some decency. They have been slut shamed all up and down social media for doing nothing different than what is getting Bieber applauded. In addition, a shot of John Legend’s butt (posted by his wife Chrissy Teigen) also got nothing but Instagram love. 

The shock in all of this is that it shows how little progress we have made. Celebrities are showoffs. They are going to take off their clothes and parade their sexiness as long as they can because it has become a part of their peculiar famous nature. Apparently what is also as expected is the double standard that the rest of us use to judge them.

Women seem to be no better, though we are the ones who have grown up being catcalled, objectified and held to different rules than men. For all of the experience we have had with sexism, what does it say that we can dish it out so enthusiastically?

Perhaps the next time a woman tweets or posts “have some shame” to a female celeb online, she should be talking to herself.

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(Photo: Justin Bieber via Instagram)

Written by Ayana Byrd


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