Why Madame Tussauds Put Nicki Minaj in an Uncomfortable Position

Nicki Minaj

Why Madame Tussauds Put Nicki Minaj in an Uncomfortable Position

Didn't realize they were asking for it?

Published August 19, 2015

Madame Tussauds Vegas released a statement that they’ll be beefing up security around their latest addition, a wax sculpture of Nick Minaj, after profane photos of visitors with the figure popped up on social media. Well, duh. The figure that was created in Nicki Minaj’s likeness, has the star on all fours in a scene straight out of her “Anaconda” video. The fact that they picked this particular pose seems to me like they knew exactly what they were doing. The rapper herself tweeted that she had no idea that the figure was even being created, which means the museum didn’t even have her approval.

“[We] do our utmost to ensure our wax figures are treated respectfully,” claimed the museum. But putting Nicki’s wax figure in such a compromising position seems like the opposite. Nicki has gotten a few laughs from a few of the fans getting “cozy” with the figure, but the photo ops are getting increasingly vulgar, something that fellow rapper Azealia Banks predicted.

When Nicki’s wax figure was unveiled, Banks tweeted, “As much as that woman has accomplished, they had to put her on all fours... Why not standing up with a mic in her hand ???”

Banks makes a valid point about women in entrainment being sexualized. And while Nicki has made a career exploiting her own sexuality, her wax figure is an honor and her honor should focus on her music, not her assets.

Anyone could have easily predicted this outcome, including Madame Tussauds. So I call bull on their statement and will even go as far as saying they consciously made this decision to garner some attention. The museum is a place of tourism where families of all ages go for entertainment. And the “Feeling Myself" rapper is one of the biggest entertainers in music. She deserves a do-over and a wax figure of herself in the best light.

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Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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