Commentary: A Lesson to Be Learned from North West’s Hair

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Commentary: A Lesson to Be Learned from North West’s Hair

Because for some, Nori's curls remain a mystery.

Published September 30, 2015

Considering she isn’t even three years old yet, there’s a lot we know about little North West. We know that she has a closet full of neutral-toned clothes; that she loves a tutu and that she can often be spotted enjoying play time with her cousin Penelope. We also know that she’s not afraid to show out when she’s sitting front row at a fashion show next to Anna Wintour. And now, thanks to a selfie her mom Kim Kardashian released yesterday, we know that Nori has a headful of curls as cute as she is.


This got the people over at E! News wondering. Where, they asked themselves in a head-scratching confusion, could a biracial child get a hair texture they described as “tight spiral curls”? The supersleuths did some thinking and came up with this: “One guess: Aunt KoKo! In throwback photos of the three Kardashian sisters, we've seen Khloe Kardashian rocking very curly hair.”  

Of course! That has to be it. Because if a child has a Black parent, then common sense would tell you that their curly hair texture came from their Armenian and white aunt. Is it simply that the hair detectives at E! were determined to work a mention of “Aunt Koko” into a story? Or were they unable to see that North West’s hair could have come from her papa, Kanye West?

Regardless, a moment that could have just been used to oooh and ahhhh about the cuteness that is Nori was instead turned into a case of whitewashing. Black hair gets a lot of bad press, so it is especially disappointing that an article giving credit to the beauty of a Black person’s hair only celebrates her white genes. In the ongoing fight to demand that mass media recognize all forms of beauty, this moves things back a step or two. What’s next? A shout out to the tanning salon for North West’s caramel complexion?

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Written by Ayana Byrd


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