Understanding the Sexy Halloween Outfit

(Photo: Nicki Minaj via Instagram)

Understanding the Sexy Halloween Outfit

Why the freaks come out on Fright Night.

Published October 30, 2015

Christmas may get the tagline — and the songs — about being the “most wonderful time of the year.” But for anyone who likes to see flesh parading around the streets, public transportation and eateries of their city, it’s not Christmas but Halloween that wins the award for best holiday season. Come end of October, your most demure, laidback, Granny-pantied, turtleneck-wearing-in-August women have listened to their inner sexy nurse and let her come out. Tis the season for barely there Trick or Treat getups, even though there are plenty of costumes that provide cover-up.


Much has been said, in seriousness and in jest, about the tendency for Halloween to lead many women to make any costume choice the skimpiest version they can find. But maybe the reason behind it isn’t that the other 364 days of the year these women are just itching, craving a little less fabric. More likely it could be that they don’t feel comfortable wearing something over-the-top sexy unless it’s safely in the category of “costume.”

After all, women still don’t get a total pass to indulge their sexuality or show off their bodies without risking negative, sexist pushback. The message to be sexually pure (like a “good girl”) is the total antithesis to all the messages saying that the best woman is the sexiest one. Amber Rose might get a lot of press and attention, but she also still gets called a slut publicly — and not all too infrequently. Women know that the road to sexual liberation is still under construction and they might want to stay in line, and fully dressed, while they’re walking on it…

Until Halloween! When the pumpkins come out, the clothes come off. So next time you feel the urge to maybe make fun of a woman who was a Sexy Librarian five years ago, Sexy Bat woman the next year, Sexy Walking Dead zombie after that and Sexy OITNB star this year, don’t be snarky — be inquisitive. Ask her why. And if you’re that woman, ask yourself why this feels like a safer time to get nearly naked in public and feel good about yourself. And then try to carry that feeling of confidence to every other day on the calendar.

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(Photo: Nicki Minaj via Instagram)

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