Why Are We Tripping Over a Five-Year-Old Playing in Makeup?

021016-b-real-style-beauty-Christina-Milian (Photo: Christina Milian via Instagram)

Why Are We Tripping Over a Five-Year-Old Playing in Makeup?

Christina Milian gets dragged for letting her kid be a kid.

Published February 11, 2016

Christina Milian’s daughter, Violet Madison, gave the ‘Gram a lesson on how to perfect your beat in two 15-second makeup tutorials. This isn’t your regular preschooler playing with mom’s makeup, either. Girl’s got skills! However, her MUA-worthy look rattled Black Twitter, leaving Tina Turn Up’s parenting up for question once again. You remember just a couple months ago when the singer came under fire for Violet’s extra, extra long weave?


Well, at first glance it does in fact look like little Violet can slay her makeup all her own, but after watching it more closely, her makeup seems to have already been applied and she’s just working those brushes for the camera.

From the flood of negative comments the posts received, it’s clear people are mad…like, REALLY mad. My question is: Why? Is it because she’s too young to be playing with makeup? Or because she knows how to beat her face better than we do? Maybe it’s just because it’s Christina Milian. I have this strong inkling that if we were watching Blue Ivy playing with Mama B, for the most part, the comments would go something along the lines of, “I wish Beyoncé was my mom.” Yeah, I said it. Bloop.

I’m no Christina stan, but it seems like everyone was a little too eager to jump on this one. It’s a bit extreme to chalk her up to be being a bad mom because she let her child play with some makeup on Instagram. (FYI, makeup is not a gateway drug.) We’re also letting social media tell us what we think her life is like. We have no idea if this is a regular thing or if she let her walk out the house like that. We don’t know anything!

Even singer RaVaughn threw some subliminal shade at her fellow songstress.

It’s another case of of mistaking 15-second clips and filtered photos on the 'Gram for real life, and this time the joke is on us. Cut Christina a break. It was all in good fun. Let parents parent. These days, it seems like if you don’t have a BeyHive, Navy or [insert your favorite fan club here] backing you up, you’re an open target to be dragged. The hate is way too real out here.

In any case, peep the clips of Violet's beat below and leave your thoughts!

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Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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