I Survived the Ivy Park Launch

I Survived the Ivy Park Launch

I Survived the Ivy Park Launch

My account of one of the biggest days in Bey history.

Published April 14, 2016

Like any true Beyoncé stan, I was ready for the Ivy Park launch. I was born ready. Not only am I a VIP BeyHive member, but the gym is my life. So you can only imagine my excitement around the release of her atheleisure line. I’ve been to a couple high-profile fashion line debuts and the pandemonium is usually so insane (I’m talking about you H&M) it brings out the worst in people. You know what I’m talking about — hostile lines stretching blocks long and women fighting over the last size XXS overpriced tee. So you know I came ready for this Ivy Park launch. I had my Chucks on, hair pulled back and even enlisted my trusty office sidekick, George, for backup.

We hit New York’s flagship Topshop store on Fifth Avenue for our little Ivy Park spree at approximately 9:40 a.m. I was a little nervous about whether we’d even be able to get in cause the store opened 10 a.m. so by anything Beyoncé-related standards, we were late. But when we stepped onto the scene, the line was shockingly only around 30 people long. The fact that Topshop.com crashed early this morning might have something to do with low turnout in-person. Or maybe all the cool kids hit their Soho location? Whatever the reason, I was happy because now Ivy Park goodies felt closer than ever. We were given neon green bands to be exclusively marked as Ivy Park shoppers.

While George and I waited patiently (OK, there may have been a few groupie-like moments where I chanted “Ivy Park”), we spoke to a few fellow Bey stans and got their thoughts on the launch. 

@beyonce where you at?!? 👀 #IvyPark

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At 10 o’clock on the dot, Topshop opened their doors and we were probably part of the second batch to go inside. It was a magical experience — or at least in my head it was. I felt like I was in one of her Ivy Park campaign ads as we were surrounded by stylish Ivy Park clad associates while a DJ played “Formation” for an optimal shopping environment.

The people at Topshop were super helpful, showing us what items from the line were trending and showing us their favorites. Here’s a tip for the ladies: The fabric on the leggings give your derrière an instant butt-lift!

The scene inside the #IvyPark launch at @topshop 👑🐝

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As for guys, you can totally shop items from the collection, too. I lot of the apparel feels unisex and comes in black, gray and white. George copped the same hoodie as me, plus the All-Over Mesh Longline Tank.

After going a little crazy literally picking up everything in sight as seen here, I came to my senses, hit the dressing room and narrowed down my stash. This was a cute ‘fit that didn’t make the cut.

Assistant editor @liddle_bitt almost lost her mind at the Ivy Park launch. Can you blame her? #ivypark

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Here’s our Ivy Park loot! The Oversized Logo Hoodies are so soft. I know I’m going to live in mine all year round. I had to get the Elastic Logo Headband (not pictured) because I’m always trying to push my hair back out of my face at the gym. I like that it has a grip to really keep my strands in place. And I already told you about the leggings. I wasn’t leaving without a pair of those.

I walked out spending exactly $108 for three items. Not bad! Overall, it was actually one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I’ve ever had. I survived the Ivy Park launch and lived to tell my tale. For the love of Bey, right?

(Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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