"Face Value" episode 107 - Gabrielle Dennis. (Photo: BET)

Gabrielle Dennis

Gabrielle Dennis appears in the upcoming mini-series "The Bobby Brown Story."

Gabrielle Dennis is an actress best known for her dual role as Dr. Tilda Johnson and her alisas, Nightshade on the Netflix/Marvel series, Luke Cage. She also landed the coveted role of Whitney Houston in BET’s mini-series, The Bobby Brown Story, which airs September 4th 9/8C.

Gabrielle's other credits include The Game and Blue Mountain State, as well as leading roles in independent films like Black Coffee and the teen comedy Bring it On Fight to the Finish.

After a supporting role as a series regular on Fox’s procedural drama, Rosewood (portraying Morris Chestnut’s sister and a valuable member of his pathology team), Gabrielle will be front and center in 2018 with the opportunity to display her range in drama and music (and playing good and evil characters).

Gabrielle is originally from Cincinnati, OH and graduated with honors from Howard University. In addition to acting her background includes singing, dance, and musical theater.