Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Ledisi Young will not be boxed in. Born in the Big Easy, Ledisi got her start at the tender age of eight fronting for the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra. She eventually formed her own LeSun label and released her first two albums independently. Already a seasoned pro by the time Verve Records picked her up, she released Lost and Found in 2007, earning a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. She’s worked with heavyweights like Raphael Saadiq and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Ledisi’s eclectic mixture of rock, blues, hip-hop, classic soul, and jazz-influenced vocals truly put her in a league of her own. In 2012 she collaborated with Essence for her first book, BetterThan Alright: Finding Peace, Love and Power, which includes photos, lyrics, quotes and details of her incredible journey.