French rap singer "Soprano" performs on April 21, 2011, in Bourges (central France), during the 35th edition of "Le Printemps de Bourges" rock pop festival. AFP PHOTO/ALAIN JOCARD (Photo credit should read ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images)



Saïd M'Roubaba, better known as Soprano, is a French rapper with Comorian heritage. The Marseilles native is a former member of the 2002 rap group Psy 4 de la Rime, with whom he released four albums. His solo debut Puisqu'il Faut Vivre was a Billboard European Top 100. As a solo artist, he has put out five albums, including the 2012 E=2MC’s. In 2011, Soprano joined the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher with Nitty Scott, Lacrae and Estelle.