Jay-Z and Beyonce Named "THE Iconic Pop Couple" by Vogue Italia

The Italian magazine noted the "aristocratic" couple's achievements.

Posted: 08/16/2011 10:29 PM EDT
Filed Under Jay-Z, Beyoncé

There's no denying that Beyonce and Jay-Z form one powerhouse couple and now Vogue Italia is claiming the same. They recently named the artists, who've been married for three years, "THE Iconic Pop Couple."


"Beyoncé and Jay-Z  are an 'aristocratic' couple: no scandals, very little gossip, low-key profile (that is, as low as the profile of a man with a penchant for gold chains can be...) buckets of happiness and any 'dirty linen' – if there is any dirty linen at all – rigorously 'never washed in public' but kept private," the magazine says. "A rare example of extraordinary grace and composure even, and most of all, compared to those couples who are aristocratic by birth."


Do you agree with Vogue Italia that Jay and Bey are the fiercest It couple right now?

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