Heavy D Started Weight Loss Plan Soon Before Death

The rapper was making another attempt to get fit.

Posted: 11/12/2011 08:42 PM EST
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He may have had his problems with weight and fitness, but Heavy D was trying to improve his health until his very last days.


According to TMZ, 44-year-old Hev, who weighed 344 pounds at the time of his death, recently resumed a workout regime and was training with a fitness expert who had helped him lose hundreds of pounds in the past.


Tony, Heavy's trainer at the Ultra Body Fitness gym in Los Angeles, discussed a fitness plan with the rapper just three months before he passed away. Tony had helped Heavy lose 150 pounds in 2008. Tony recalls Hev as a hard worker who, in better days, exercised daily.


Heavy D had also lost a significant amount of weight — 135 pounds — in 2002, in a bid to jumpstart his acting career. 


In a 2003 interview with the Television Critics Association, Heavy recalled advice from a director. "I went on a couple auditions, and one director was kind enough to say, 'Look, you would've had this part but you're not fitting, you're stifling yourself.' He was right. I kind of always knew it in the back of my mind."

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