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106 & Park Presents: Young, Single and Parenting

106 & Park explores the reality of being a young single parent.

Posted: 01/26/2012 12:00 PM EST

On Monday night there will be a special edition of 106 & Park devoted to young parents titled "Young, Single & Parenting." The show will focus on the responsibilities and challenges that teen parents will face while raising their child. 

You’ll be able to get an up-close and personal look at what it’s like to be an expecting parent at an alternative school, see what a day in the life of a single teen parent really looks like, and hear in-studio testimonials from members of the 106 audience. There will also be a live online chat (BET.com/YSPTips) where you can ask our in-studio experts, Dr. Michelle and Dr. Tartt, parenting questions. 

Rapper-actor Tray Chaney and artist Don Trip will also be on 106 & Park on Monday to discuss their experience as young parents. 

Don’t miss Monday’s 106 & Park and tune in at 6P/5C!

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