Hip Hop Awards 2023: Lil Kim's Best Face Cards Over The Years

Queen Chick, Supreme Chick!

She's An Icon

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Aside from this iconic moment with her outfit, look at that gorgeous smile.

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It's A Lil Kim Thang

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Lil Kim is one of the most decorated artists' in the world and pushed fashion forward in the Hip Hop scene. One of Kim's best features aside from records is her face card. Let's see some of Kim's best mugs over the years.

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Brooklyn Style, That's How We Do

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Get into this mug, my goodness!

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Look at Kimmy!

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Bright whites, poppin' fit. Kim knows how to serve!

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Breathtaking Blanco

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Kimmy Blanco in this all pink moment, like get into it baby! But this mug, like she should've been a model!

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The Girl Next Door

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Fresh face, easy, breezy, beautiful Kim!

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The Girls That Get It, Get It!

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She's seated and so are we. A fashion girly for sure with a mug to match. Watch the Hip Hop Awards 2023 on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, at 9 PM ET/PT on BET.

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