Hip Hop Awards 2023: 7x Yung Miami's Face Card Never Declined

Give us face, honey!

Get Into This Mug Baby!

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Yung Miami has always had a beautiful face card. Do yall see this mug? The City Girl is giving us looks and face since she came out with her partner in crime JT. Let's take a look at some of her best face card moments.

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Miss Renaissance

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The girls popped out for Queen Bey's birthday during her Renaissance tour and Yung Miami paid homage with one of Bey's tour looks. And that face? A SERVE!

Photo By Yung Miami's IG

The Camera Loves Her!

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Oh girl, like this right here eats down! The hair volume, the position, how she owns that camera. Like girl, where you bout to go?

Photo By Yung Miami's IG

A Work Of Art

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This needs to be framed. Yung Miami looks so radiant in this black mesh dress and once again, is eating down that camera baby!

Photo By Yung Miami's IG

Bawdy and Beauty

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This one piece is doing her body justice, and the face is gonna do it every time!

Photo By Yung Miami's IG

Yung Miami Is Alluring

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It's like she's hooking you under a spell. Nails done, corset keeping the waist snatched, like she looks good!

Photo By Yung Miami's IG

Caresha Please...Teach Us How To Serve

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Like what else do you need to say? She's perfection!

Photo By Yung Miami's IG