Voting is never the end-it is just the beginning.  And it starts at home. Voting during local and statewide elections is more important than ever.  Policing budgets, school curriculums, funding for mental health, to fight gun violence, and policies that set wages are decided not just in Washington, DC- but right where you live.  Your mayor, city councilor, state representative, and school board member have critical decision making power about YOUR future.

That's why, this election season, we want to make sure that whatever is about YOU isn't decided WITHOUT you. The first step? Check Your Registration. f you need to re-register, now is the time to do so. Then? Make your plan.  Many states have early voting, vote by mail, or information about your polling location available right now: get ready to take action.  Finally, show up. Coordinate with your family, your job, your church or your neighbors to make sure that not only do you get to the polls-the rest of our people do, too. After that? Show up at public meetings and hold officials accountable to your community's vision.

We are powerful: But our power won't matter if we aren't counted.
Reclaim your Power.
Reclaim your Voice.
Reclaim your Vote.