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Court Proceedings Begin for Two Controversial Police Shootings

Two cops have their day in court. Will justice be served?

BET Breaks – Kobe Bryant Leaves His Love Affair With Basketball Behind

After a 20 year career, the Black Mamba is ready to retire.

Video of Laquan McDonald's Execution Touches Off Violent Clash With Cops

Will this Chicago community be able to maintain peace?

Presidential Justice Forum – Ben Carson

Full replay of his speech on criminal justice reform.

Will Video of Laquan McDonald's Death Cause Chicago to Rise Up?

The video of the brutal shooting is difficult to watch.

BET Breaks – Holly Holm Met Jay Z’s Wife and Forgot Her Name

The star-struck UFC champ got caught off guard.

Meet Anthony Frasier Co-Founder of The Phat Startup and Tech 808

Tech entrepreneur Anthony Frasier tells story of success.

Presidential Justice Forum – Bernie Sanders

Full replay of speech on criminal justice reform.

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