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President's Weekly Address: We Will Degrade and Destroy ISIL

Obama reiterated a strategy to destroy terrorist group ISIL.

Forgotten Four Trailer

The first Black players to integrate pro football.

How 9/11 Affected the American Muslim Community

Two New Yorkers reflect on Sept. 11 on its anniversary.

Watch President Obama’s Speech on ISIS Intervention

POTUS to address the nation at 9P/8C.

Home Remedies – The Amazing Attributes of Avocados

Holistic lifestyle coach gives tips for healthy living.

The Michael Brown Shooting: Tribute to Ferguson Protesters

We say thanks to a community protesting police brutality.

Is Protesting Effective?

New Yorkers talk about crime and unemployment.

President's Weekly Address: This Labor Day, Let’s Talk About the Minimum Wage

Obama reiterated that Congress should raise minimum wage.

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