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Obama's Immigration Plan Preview

The president previews his immigration plan.

The Moment That Turned Into a Movement

We must continue to fight for justice in Ferguson.

Young, In Charge and Advocating for Justice

Allyson Carpenter says students must tackle issues head on.

Students Are Leading the Way for Change

HBCUs are taking a stand against violence and injustice.

Why Are Blacks Put on Trial After They Are Killed by Police?

Students on how the media talk about victims of violence.

Howard Students on Ferguson – ‘We Couldn’t Keep Watching and Not Do Something’

Millennials are taking charge in the movement for justice.

How Social Media Activism Has Impacted Ferguson

HU students talk about their “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” photo.

Remembering Aiyana Stanley-Jones

The 7-year-old was killed by police in 2010.

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