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Jamie Foxx Clowns Terrence Howard | ENTERTAINMENT NEWS | ENTERTAINMENT |

Jamie Foxx Clowns Terrence Howard | ENTERTAINMENT NEWS | ENTERTAINMENT |

Published December 15, 2008

Posted December 15, 2008 -- Well, Jamie Foxx may be dropping his album this week, but he's not letting folks forget that he's a comedian. During a Los Angeles radio interview with Big Boy, Jamie had a few laughs at actor Terrence Howard's expense.

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Both Jamie Foxx and Terrence Howard are successful actors who have tried their hands at music, but according to Foxx, Howard took a stab at him during an interview with CNN. "He gotta come holla at me," Jamie said. "He really went hard at me on this interview on CNN saying that Jamie Foxx music wasn't that, when he was pushing his album, which went...plastic."

Jamie goes on to mock Terrence Howard and his movie roles, implying that Howard plays the same character in every film. He continues to joke and imitate Howard's voice while the station's hosts are laughing.

Jamie said that Terrence will play a gangster, and then do an interview and sound as "soft as doctor's cotton." He also said that during the filming of Ray, that Terrence Howard wouldn't get out of character.

Beef isn't just for rappers anymore. Jamie Foxx's new album Intuition is in stores now.

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