Mo'Nique Keeps Her Oscar in The Pantry

The Academy Award winning-actress opens up in an Ebony interview.

Posted: 03/17/2011 07:30 PM EDT
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Unlike most of her fellow Academy Award winning actors, actress, comedian, and talk show host, Mo’Nique, doesn’t have her Oscar out on full display at home.  In fact, she keeps it in the area most people hold their cereal, cans of spam and soup.

Speaking with Ebony magazine, Mo’Nique said, “The Oscar is in what’s considered to be a butler’s pantry. It’s a small hallway that has a counter in it. It’s across the hall from the kitchen and the bathroom.”

She added that while it’s not in plain view, she doesn’t consider herself to be hiding the trophy. “It’s not hiding but you’d have to be looking for it,” Mo’Nique added.

On why the award isn’t in an open area for all in her home to see, she said, “You can’t look at it every day, because you’ll look at it collecting dust. You’re appreciative of the trophy, and you know keep it movin’.”

For those that wonder how winning the award has changed her life, Mo’Nique said her life was amazing before her win and shortly thereafter.


(Photo:  Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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