Chris Brown Insists He Didn't Leak Nude Photos

Disappointed with rumors that he did it merely for self-promotion.

Posted: 03/20/2011 10:39 PM EDT
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Despite the persistent rumors surrounding Chris Brown's upcoming album release and the ill-timed leak of the singer's nude full frontals, he is assuring the masses that he's not behind the "disappointing" situation.

"Let me be honest with you. I didn't want to put no pictures out; that's not my intention. A lot of people were saying, 'Yo, he leaked the pictures, he was trying to get promotion,' " the crooner told MTV News on Friday. "For me, I was always a singer, so unless I'm planning on trying to do porn, I don't think I'd want to just leak my wang out to the world before my album comes out."

Brown was annoyed that critics would see the incident as a desperate attempt to promote his latest record F.A.M.E. set to drop March 22.

"It was disappointing to me that it was out, because I was like, 'Man, now it's gonna [look like] a gimmick behind it,' " he said of the pre-release push for his album. "And I don't want a gimmick behind anything that I'm doing."

What do you think? Was this an unfortunate sexting accident that made it to the wrong hands or Brown's attempt to generate some buzz?