Ginuwine: If Aaliyah Were Here, "She'd Be Neck and Neck With Beyoncé"

The singer reflects on who today compares to his late friend.

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Aaliyah & Beyonce

Ginuwine has revisited an old debate between fans of the late Aaliyah and Beyoncé.

In his interview with The BoomBox, Ginuwine says that of all the singers out there, Beyoncé reminds him of his friend the most. He explained: "Aaliyah was in a class by herself. If you're talking triple threat of a writer, singer and actress, that would probably be Beyoncé. If Aaliyah were still here, she and Beyoncé would be neck and neck."

For years, fans have debated which acts would be able to compete with Aaliyah, with new artists like Ciara drawing comparisons to the late singer-dancer-actress.

On those comparisons, Ginuwine said, “Ain’t nothing wrong with that ... I think everyone should aspire to be someone great, and that was one of the greats. Aaliyah was one of the great ones."


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