Another Comedienne Says Tracy Morgan Shouldn’t Apologize

Joan Rivers says we’re mad at the wrong Morgan quote: “I’m shocked that we aren’t upset that he said ‘I’ll stab that little nigger’

Posted: 06/18/2011 01:24 PM EDT
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Just when you thought the Tracy Morgan fiasco was simmering down, someone else is stepping up to voice their opinion. This time, it's none other than legendary funny woman Joan Rivers. The comedienne tells The Daily Beast she thinks America has become too sensitive on a lot of issues and she too has been known to say things in her comedy routines that would offend even herself if taken out of context.


Always tongue-in-cheek, Rivers says, “He shouldn’t apologize. Gay fans? What are they doing seeing him anyhow? Why aren’t they watching me and Kathy Griffin? What are they doing at this show? He’s lost his gay fan.” Then on a serious note, the Joan Knows Best star admits she was more taken aback by Morgan dropping the N-bomb than by him using homophobia as a comedic technique. “I’m shocked that we aren’t upset that he said ‘I’ll stab that little nigger,’ that to me is offensive,” she tells the magazine.


Telling everyone how she really feels, Rivers says Morgan’s biggest crime is charging people $86 to see him perform because she just doesn’t find him funny. Hmm. On that note, some may strongly disagree, including folks at the Emmys who nominated the comedian for his supporting role on 30 Rock and The Screen Actors Guild from whom he won a 2009 award.

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